Ethernet Communication

Ethernet Communication (PLC)(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 24 Hours
Maximum Participants: 10

Prerequisites: Students who take this course must be familiar with the ControlLogix processor. A previous ControlLogix course is highly recommended.
Software Used: RSNetworx for Ethernet with RSLogix 5000 software for ControlLogix
Course Description: This is an excellent course for those who will be working with Ethernet systems. More systems are continuously being migrated to Ethernet for both PLC to PLC Networking, and I/O Networks. Students who attend this course will become familiar with the IP addressing Scheme, network specifications, and troubleshooting Ethernet systems. They will also learn about the DNS system, and how it can help to clarify communication with Ethernet devices when used properly.
Course Outline:
  • Review ControlLogix Hardware
  • Introduction to Ethernet
  • Addressing over Ethernet
  • Differences between Ethernet/IP and TCP/IP
  • Utilize the BootP utility to set up field devices
  • View field device parameters using a web browser
  • Establish a communication path to the field device (from the PLC)
  • Utilize the Ethernet I/O in a program
  • Set up Producer/Consumer communication between PLC’s
  • Utilize the message instruction to send data over Ethernet
  • Practice troubleshooting I/O problems over Ethernet