The ATI Approach to Training

Our job is to train your employees to perform to the best of their abilities. We want to make your decision on employee training an easy one — we will give you instructors who are experienced and can conduct an effective class, we will provide training that is relevant to your application and facility by using industry-standard training courses or by a designing course that is customized for you. We will work within your schedule, be flexible, and educate your employees.

Approach to Training Graphic

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Our Instructor Profile

ATI’s instructors are unique in the industry. We only hire people with proven experience. An effective instructor must have two key attributes: industrial knowledge and the ability to teach. Many instructors can bring one of these attributes to the party, but that’s not good enough — ATI instructors have both. Our instructors are proven in the classroom — they handle adverse situations with ease, they are flexible and can tweak the instruction to make it applicable to all students in class, and they are professional, courteous and good classroom managers. ATI instructors have industrial experience — they have studied and worked with robotics systems, packaging systems, industrial controls, complex assembly lines, and high-speed assembly. They can translate this experience into real-world examples and lessons that are used in the classroom.

Why we’re the best, and why our clients choose ATI

We only hire the best employees — our instructors are not recent college graduates with no experience in the classroom. Our instructors have all been there — check out the Instructor Profile section for more information.

We will be flexible with your schedule — if you need off-shift training, we can do it. If you need weekend training, we can do it.

We train at your facility — our instructors bring the training to you. We set up in your facility or at a location close to your facility to reduce your travel costs. Or, if it fits your business better, we can make arrangements to do training at any off-site location you select.

We have the best training workstations in the business — our workstations are designed to our specifications and built with industrial components. The PLC workstations are flexible and can be customized with various cards or modules. Each workstation will be an exact match so that every student in the¬†class has the same opportunity to use the hardware and software.

We will design a course specific to your application — whether your needs are for one of our industry-standard courses or a fully customized course using your ladder logic or programs, we can accommodate your needs. Not everyone needs a customized training program but not everyone can use a standard training course either, which is why we offer both. Our instructors can help you decide which path is right for you.

We don’t try to be everything to everyone — we simply provide the best training in the industry. If your employees are expected to be the best at what they do, your training should come from Automation Training, Inc.