Information Technology

Information Technology Classroom Setup

Linux Administration Level 1 (Workstation)

Students will learn how to install Fedora 10 Linux on a computer with supported hardware, configure the Ethernet interfaces, configure various daemons for file and printer sharing,

Linux Administration Level 2 (Server)

This is a basic course that will teach students how to set up various services and daemons that are commonly run on a RedHat Enterprise Linux server. These packages include: HTTP, MySQL, DHCP, NFS, and SMB.

Microsoft Visual Basic Level 1

Students who attend this course will learn how to start a new visual basic project and work with objects, variables, and commands.

This course can be used to extract data directly from a PLC using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). This data can then be manipulated, and written to a database or web server.

PHP 5 Level 1 (With RSView Logfiles)

PHP is a programming language commonly used to generate dynamic web pages.

Knowledge from this course can be used to generate web pages from an RSView database without the need of an extra visual basic program.

Students will be able to create web pages with forms for data entry to the database, and generate dynamic web pages based on data residing in the database.

PHP 5 Level 2 (Web Programming)

Students who attend this course will learn how to perform mathematical operations, utilize function calls, and configure objects for the concept of object oriented programming (OOP). They will be utilizing forms to pass information to another web page, and learn how to store and retrieve information from a database.