Panelview Level 1

PanelView Level 1(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 32 Hours
Maximum Participants: 10

Prerequisites: It is highly recommended that students of this course first attend a maintenance and troubleshooting course, or be familiar with program and data files in the PLC. Students must also be comfortable working in a Windows environment.
Software Used: Panelbuilder 32 with Windows XP (SP2)
Course Description: This course is geared toward those who will be working with panelview terminals. During this course, students will learn to establish communication between a panelview and PLC, and practice real world examples of tracing I/O from the panelview terminal through the PLC program. Students who attend this class will also learn how to build screens, and navigate between them. Advanced objects such as bar graphs, gauges, and graphics will help them to build professional screens for the Operator Interface. Students will benefit from this course if they work with the PanelView 300, 300 Micro, 550, 600, or 1000 terminals.
  • Design and configure an application using the PanelView terminal and PLC
  • Establish communications between the PanelView terminal and the PLC
  • Trace I/O from PanelView terminal through the PLC
  • Create operator interface screens
  • Demonstrate understanding of screen operations
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and implement graphical elements
  • Demonstrate an understand of PanelBuilder32 software
  • Course Outline:
  • Review of the PLC, communications, and RSLogix
  • Introduction to the screens and menus
  • PanelView communication
  • Adding screens
  • Navigation between screens
  • Common PanelView objects (Pushbuttons, Lights, etc.)
  • Data objects (Analog Values)
  • Advanced objects (such as bar graphs and gauges)