PHP 5 Level 1 (With FactoryTalk View Log files)

PHP 5 Level 1 (With RSView Logfiles)(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 24 Hours
Maximum Participants: 5

Prerequisites: Students must be comfortable operating in a windowing environment.
Software Used: PHP version 5 on a Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 system using MySQL version 4
Course Description: PHP is a programming language commonly used to generate dynamic web pages.

Knowledge from this course can be used to generate web pages from an RSView database without the need of an extra visual basic program.

Students will be able to create web pages with forms for data entry to the database, and generate dynamic web pages based on data residing in the database.

Course Outline:
  • History of PHP
  • Utilizing HTML codes
  • Creating HTML tables
  • Working with HTML forms
  • Embedding PHP scripts
  • Manipulating variables and strings
  • PHP commands (such as if/then and do/while)
  • Connecting to a Database