Weld Training

Weld Training(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 20-40 Hours
Maximum Participants:

Prerequisites: The customer is responsible for supplying all of the equipment, supplies, safety gear, practice metal and training site.
Course Description: This course is designed to meet the needs of plant maintenance personnel (fleet mechanics, power plant mechanics, processing plant mechanics, millwrights) as well as individuals preparing for pipe welding certification (API 1104 and ASME Section IX) or structural steel certification (AWS limited thickness and AWS unlimited thickness). This course is equally applicable to the welder or the welder trainer. This course will be customized to meet your specific application.
Course Outline:
  • Discussion of general welding practice including safety, terminology, filler material selection, metal preparation, weld inspection and company standards
  • Demonstrations of proper technique to set up welding equipment including oxy-fuel cutting equipment, plasma cutting equipment, arc gouging equipment and hand grinders
  • Learning to recognize the optimum parameters for polarity, amps, wire speed (MIG & Flux Core), volts (MIG & Flux Core) and gas flow (MIG & Flux Core)
  • Learning techniques to make welds that meet inspection standards, learning proper bead placement and proper weld sizing, learning how to troubleshoot and repair weld defects and learning how to troubleshoot equipment problems
  • Supervised shop practice and individualized coaching reinforcing all welding concepts