ControlNet(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 32 Hours
Maximum Participants: 10

Prerequisites: Students attending this class must have a general understanding of PLC operation and communication.
Software Used: RSNetworx for ControlNet with your choice of PLC-5 or ControlLogix systems
Course Description: ControlNet systems can take time to troubleshoot and set up, but do provde ‘determinism’ that allows connections to be scheduled. This course is geared toward those who will be working with ControlNet systems. Students will learn how to troubleshoot real world problems that can be simulated on our trainers. This course includes network specifications and status lights for troubleshooting as well as configuring the ControlNet network (setting up scheduled connections).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a ControlNet network by designing and configuring a network
  • Demonstrate how to set up communications using a ControlNet network and PLC (PLC-5 or ControlLogix)
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the ControlNet network using RSNetworx
  • Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot a ControlNet network
  • Course Outline:
  • Review PLC Hardware
  • Establish communication with the processor (From the PC)
  • ControlNet Hardware
  • Configure an RSLinx Driver for the PC to communicate on ControlNet
  • Running RSNetworx for ControlNet
  • Schedule connections between field devices and the processor
  • Schedule connections with other processors over ControlNet
  • Utilize ControlNet data in logic
  • Create and modify a scanlist
  • Trace the information flow in real plant programs
  • Practice configuring and troubleshooting ControlNet