Mitsubishi G Code (Tool Path) Programming

Mitsubishi G Code (Tool Path) Programming(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 36 Hours
Maximum Participants:

Prerequisites: Participants should have a good basic knowledge of machining practices.
Course Description: This class will teach students the fundamentals of basic programming. Students learn Cartesian Coordinate Systems, G codes, basic M codes, word address, canned cycles, cutter radius compensation, and sub programs. Participants will be given many different examples, as well as write many programs. Safety lines and technique will also be taught. This course is applicable to the Mitsubishi 500 and 600 series.
Course Outline:
  • Calculating speeds and feeds from manufacturer specification
  • Using absolute positioning methods
  • Using Cartesian coordinate system
  • Understanding program format
  • Writing and editing basic programs
  • Using canned cycles and sub routines
  • Working with reference planes, positioning and cutter radius compensation