Electrical/Electrical Safety

Electrical Controls and Troubleshooting

This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to electrical circuits and electrical controls including safety and troubleshooting techniques. This course is designed for beginning electricians, equipment operators, mechanics, technicians and others who are involved in using or maintaining electrical circuits and controls.

Electrical Safety

This course is designed to introduce and reinforce safe working practices when using and maintaining electrical circuits.

Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of electrical safety, safe working practices and electrical principles to non-electricians.

Industrial Electronics and Prototyping

This course is designed for those needing training in basic electronics design and repair. Sending modules off for simple repairs can be costly for both the repair and downtime. Students who attend this class will also learn cost effective methods for simple equipment changes such as delaying events, adding indicator lights, or options for controlling equipment remotely.