FactoryTalk View ME (Machine Edition)

FactoryTalk View (RSView) ME Level 1(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 32 Hours
Maximum Participants: 10

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of a window-based operating system is required. Students who attend this class should also have a good understanding of PLC ladder logic and addressing.
Software Used: Windows 7 operating system with FactoryTalk View ME Studio, and FactoryTalk View ME Runtime, and Studo/RSLogix 5000
Course Description: This 32 hour course is designed to give the students the ability to troubleshoot, create, and deploy Factory Talk&reg View ME projects on industrial terminals. At the end of the class students will understand how to trace objects on the RSView terminal through a PLC program, modify existing objects on any display, and create new objects when needed. We will use the PLC of your choice for the training: SLC-500, PLC-5, or ControlLogix. Students who attend this course will not only troubleshoot objects, but actually configure them so they will have a full understanding of what it takes to make an object interface with the PLC.

  • Troubleshoot MMI Communication Issues
  • Create and Deploy RSView ME Projects
  • Modify Display Objects
  • Configure Animation on Display Objects
  • Navigate between Display Screens
  • Set up and Modify Events and Alarms
  • Log Historical Data
  • Trend Analog Data
  • Secure Display Screens
  • Course Outline:

  • Introduction to FactoryTalk (RSView) ME
  • Open a plant project
  • Create a new project
  • Add simple text objects
  • Configure new display screens, and navigation
  • Trace naviation in your actual plant projects
  • Testing the project in a runtime environment
  • Configure communication to the PLC
  • Create objects which interface with the PLC
  • Use HMI Tags to derive values with Expressions
  • Set up Animation on graphics
  • View the animation on various objects in the plant project
  • Trend Analog Data
  • Set up Alarms to trigger at various thresholds
  • Log Historical Data
  • Secure a screen
  • Deploy the project
  • Modify and Deploy an Existing project
  • Practice tracing objects in your plant project through your actual PLC code.