C-Flex Operations and Maintenance

C-Flex Operations and Maintenance(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 32 Hours
Maximum Participants: 6

Prerequisites: None
Course Description: This course is designed for participants to learn operation and maintenance functions of the Fanuc C-Flex robotics system.
At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the function of the components of the Fanuc C-Flex robotics system
  • Demonstrate the ability to safely setup the robot
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic robot operations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Standard Operator Panel functions and Teach Pendant Key functions
  • Create a C-Flex operations pocket guide
  • Demonstrate how to create and troubleshoot a C-Flex program
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic maintenance and repair functions of the C-Flex mechanical unit
  • Course Outline:

  • Overview of major components
  • Teach pendant operations
  • Coordinate systems
  • Jogging the C-Flex unit
  • Create and name a new program
  • Motion types
  • Termination types
  • Mastering
  • Model moves
  • Shimming a position and viewing a shim log
  • Error recovery
  • Macro functions
  • SOP lights
  • Teach points
  • Fanuc servo loop theory of operation
  • Mode select switch functions
  • Teach pendant key functions
  • F number
  • Touch-up points
  • Forcing outputs
  • Simulating inputs
  • C-Flex pocket guide
  • Copying a program
  • Programming
  • Maintenance and repair