Fanuc R30iA Series – Dispense Tool Operations and Programming

Fanuc R30iA Series – Dispense Tool Operations and Programming(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 36 Hours
Maximum Participants: 6

Prerequisites: R-903 Operations for Technicians
Course Description: This course, designed for maintenance technicians, skilled trades, engineers and supervisors, is to prepare students with the skills to safely program, troubleshoot and repair Fanuc R30iA robot systems configured for dispense operations.
At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Locate, identify and operate robot control panel and teach pendant buttons
  • Safely move the robot with the teach pendant
  • Select programs to run the robot in automatic (production) mode
  • Access and cycle through various programs
  • Manually operate inputs and outputs of sealer equipment
  • Create and modify a sealer program path
  • Troubleshoot and recover from common sealer equipment errors and communication faults
  • Create, setup and use remote Tool Center Point and User Frames
  • Edit, copy, paste and delete lines in a program
  • Modify and touchup existing robot positions and paths and edit positional data
  • Create and use non-motion instructions and commands
  • Understand teach pendant messages and operator interface messages
  • Create and use logic in robot routines
  • Save, upload and download programs
  • Use program shift and program adjust
  • Use HOT EDIT
  • Course Outline:

  • Overview and identification of standards for dispense application
  • Safe operation in manual and automatic modes
  • Introduction to smooth path principles used in dispense programs
  • Introduction to specific dispense tool instructions
  • Introduction to dispense tool schedules
  • Introduction to common program commands
  • Principles of I/O communications related to sealant equipment
  • Identification of common causes and recovery methods for sealant errors
  • Manipulation and calibration of extended axis for dispense gun control
  • Introduction to setup of remote Tool Center Point and User Frames
  • Introduction to robot programming languages
  • Program flow and sub-routines
  • Create, edit and save programs