Fanuc R30iA Series – Basic Operations

Fanuc R30iA – Basic Operations(Desktop Version)
Course Length: 16 Hours
Maximum Participants: 8

Prerequisites: None
Course Description: This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic operations of the FanucR30iA robot system.
At the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Locate, identify and operate the Robot Control Panel and the Teach Pendant buttons
  • Safely move the robot with the teach pendant to prepare for Automatic Operation
  • Select a program to run the robot in auto mode
  • Access, step and cycle through various programs and positions
  • Home and restart robot system in auto mode
  • Manually operate inputs and outputs on end of arm tooling
  • Recover from common operational errors
  • Restart robot system after recovering from common operational errors
  • Jog the robot in JOINT mode
  • Jog the robot in WORLD mode
  • Jog the robot in TOOL mode
  • Execute manual functions and macros
  • Create a program
  • Name a program
  • Teach points in a program
  • Edit a program
  • Touch up points
  • Course Outline:

  • Safe robot operations
  • Jogging the robot
  • Coordinate systems
  • Selecting a tool frame
  • Creating a program
  • Naming a program
  • Teaching points
  • Motion types
  • Termination types
  • Basic robot programming
  • Error messages
  • Error causes and corrective actions
  • Editing programs
  • Manual I/O operations
  • Manual functions
  • Macro functions
  • Touch up points
  • Fanuc Servo Loop theory of operation
  • Selecting a program from memory
  • Mode select switch functions
  • Technology terminology
  • Teach pendant functions
  • Importance of the F Number
  • Forcing outputs
  • Simulating inputs
  • Creating a Robot Operations Pocket Guide
  • Stepping through a program
  • Home robot and restart
  • Understanding basic program statement and their uses